How I get my Profile Live on Upwork?

In life, you win some, you lose some! In my case, I win some, I lose a lot! hahaha.

Yeah, if you follow my blog, you’ll know that I lost the job I love so dearly last year, before Christmas! It devastated me, break my heart into pieces but I get up again and started looking for a new one. It’s okay to not to be okay! So, in your every fall, cry as hard as you can then get back on your feet again and move on. Life isn’t perfect, so expect a bumpy journey.

I move on easily. Maybe because I don’t have time to grieve and be emotional. We need money!

So, how did I get back on being a Virtual Assistant again?

  1. I went back to my Upwork Profile and finally update it. After six years of being idle, my profile is now live on Upwork.
  2. Then, I made a list of all the skills I have learnt while working for one company and decided that my niche would be “Email Management/Handling”.
  3. I took all the skill tests available on Upwork that are relevant to my skills.
  4. I started sending proposals. I don’t just send a proposal, I read the entire job description to understand the job well, then write a draft of my cover letter based on the job description. Then read the cover letter over and over before hitting the send button. The first impression last, if you can’t follow simple instructions on the Job Description, your application will be trashed. So, always take the time to read.
  5. Always be on time during interviews. Make yourself available or let the client know your preferred time. But, it would be best to tell them that you can make yourself available anytime at their convenience.
  6. Research about the company that you are applying for. It is always best that you know them already.
  7. Do not ask for a higher rate, if you’re a first timer, the lowest rate you can ask is $5.00 per hour. But, this will also depend on your background and skill set. If you know that you are worth 20USD an hour, then by all means, ask for it.
  8. Before setting your rate, check first the client profile. How much they have spent? How much they are willing to pay for an employee. Then base your rate on that.

After doing all of these and making a research on how to make my Profile looking better and professional, in less than two weeks I was able to finally signed two contracts from two different clients.

But you know what, it is not as easy as you think it is. My God, Upwork gave me 60 connects to apply for a job, I almost used all of my connects and only got two clients? How about that? Do you know how many sleepless nights I have struggled only to find out that my interviewer has stood me up? No show, no message, no nothing. I lose a lot, I win a little lols! But I’m still a winner!!!!!

I maybe just lucky, but no! I work hard to get back on track and not be unemployed for a long time. There are lots of jobs out there, you just have to know what you’re good at and don’t stop to keep improving yourself, professionally and as an individual.


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Faded Feelings

Me – staring blankly at my computer screen, listening to a song that is playing on my Spotify.flower daisy T-Shirt

A glimpse of the past suddenly runs through my thoughts and it made me smile and then a tiny giggle. It is so funny how music brings back memories, it made you stop in a moment and savor the feelings of being in the past again, even for a second.

I closed my eyes.

Years has passed and you realized, no matter how painful the past and how strong the feeling was, the music never brings it back, only the memories…

The feelings just faded.


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Plantronics Audio 326 Headset (Black)

So, my headset just got broken (not actually really broken, but it looks old and the cover is slowly coming off and I want a new one).  I am looking for a PC headset for skype where I can set on mute so the other side won’t hear noises in my background.

I look for a headset on Lazada,  my online shopping platform. I actually bought almost all of my gadgets and electronic accessories there and so far, the products always came out as I expected.  You know what the key is, be vigilant, look for the same product listing and choose the one that has good reviews and the ones that are cheaper but of good quality. Don’t buy on impulse or just because the product looks good and shiny. Have a little research skill.

I think I have found the best headset for Skype, it has all the feature that I am looking for, plus it cost only around 895.00

Plantronics Audio 326, I think is a great buy.


It has a sleek and clean design and it fits your head perfectly. Very comfortable to use and give your crisp audio clarity. It has a superior noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy while the design ensures you keep tuned into your surroundings. You can easily adjust the volume or mute the microphone with the convenient inline controls and ensures full control over internet calls, music listening, and more.