I went to collect my nephews Form 137 at Jone Paul Christian School Inc in Fairview, Quezon City last Monday. To go to Fairview from Tabang, Guiguinto – you have to take a van and get off at SM North, then you have to pass through all the food stands under the hanging garden at SM North to get to the Van going to Fairview terminal. Having not eaten lunch before leaving home, I feel so hungry that I chose to eat Kwek-kwek soak in vinegar with spices. Hmm… ang sarap. There is a Kiosk selling kwek-kwek and tokneneng (I’m not sure if it is Dr. Kwek-kwek) and a buko juice at a nearby stand. Lunch is solved!

On my way back to Bulacan, I decided to eat at Sizzling Plate in SM North Food Court, so I ordered Pork Steak, oh my God… I MISSed IT A LOT… It was a very long time since I last ate at Sizzling Plate, it’s our favorite food station back when I was still working at Cybersoft.

The next day, I woke up with an upset stomach, it was so bad! And I kept vomiting. Suka’t Tae ako – excuse me po sa kumakain. My god! I was food poisoned and I don’t know which food has poisoned me. I don’t want to blame kwek-kwek, but it could be it!!! Or the Pork Steak from Sizzling Plate? Or could be the Buko Juice?. Na-swertehan ko lang siguro. This won’t stop me from eating Kwek-kwek or any street foods, ang sarap kaya ng kwek-kwek with matching salmonella on the side hahahhaha. Even after losing all my energy yesterday from going back and forth to the bathroom and vomiting, even after being exhausted and weak, I would still eat kwek-kwek.

Anyway, a friend of mine suggested that I drink Pocari Sweat, so before bed yesterday I drank two bottles, it helps me get my energy back a little. I drank another two today, I feel energized, but my tummy is still feeling weird. Yakult is also helping a lot. Pocari Sweat is the best Upset Stomach Remedy.

Anyone, having an upset stomach. I suggest you drink Pocari Sweat and Yakult. Pocari Sweat will help manage your dehydration. “It contains balanced electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride) which are a critical factor in the timely absorption to the body, to help you recover from dehydration faster. Refreshing and mild tasting recommended as a beverage for sports, exercise or any physical activities and various forms of dehydration in daily activities”. Yakult,  on the other hand, is a probiotic, it improves digestion and helps builds immunity.

pocari sweat

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