55th Birthday Invitation Card

Just when I thought I got zero sales this month on my Zazzle Store shop, it surprises me with the last day sale. One of my best selling men’s birthday invitation template was just sold 25 copies to a buyer from Kerrville, TX. Awesome, God is really Good. It is not much, but no matter how small the royalty is, it is still a blessing.

I designed this invitation card thinking and honoring the memory of my Father who passes away years ago. We were not able to give him a decent birthday celebration when he was still alive,  we never actually celebrated his birthday, not once and it pained me big time. I can’t get over this guilt until this moment. I just hope that wherever he is, he is happy and understand that we were all struggling financially back then. Enough with this blah, because I am getting emotional again.

Curious about the design? Here’s the Invitation Card:

You can have it customized and replace with your own photo, just click the link and hit the customize it button.

You can change the wordings with your own wording as well.

If you need help customizing it, drop me a line at realgrapiks[@]gmail[dot]tcom


Mum E.


Watercolour Monogrammed Letter N

Art is therapeutic, as you may already know. It helps you improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. As for me, I use painting to lessen stress, to release my creativity and to express my feelings. This hobby is also a great help on my budget when I need to buy a gift for someone, I just play on with my brushes and colors and a little creativity and voila!!! I have something personalized. A labor of love and creativity is more meaningful than any other material gifts.

My favorite medium is watercolor, you can easily mix colors and you just play with your brushes to create a beautiful masterpiece.

I painted this cute watercolor monogrammed for a friend on her birthday. We call her Niña, hence the letter N. But just today, she told us her real name is Divinia and she hated it, so she uses Niña instead. I thought I should have done the Letter D. Anyway, here’s the painting:

watercolour monogram N2

It looks nice on frame:


And on t-shirt too: (click the link below to purchase this item and have it customized)

How about a TOTE BAG? It looks nice too.
 You can have it customized by clicking the link at the bottom.


I went to collect my nephews Form 137 at Jone Paul Christian School Inc in Fairview, Quezon City last Monday. To go to Fairview from Tabang, Guiguinto – you have to take a van and get off at SM North, then you have to pass through all the food stands under the hanging garden at SM North to get to the Van going to Fairview terminal. Having not eaten lunch before leaving home, I feel so hungry that I chose to eat Kwek-kwek soak in vinegar with spices. Hmm… ang sarap. There is a Kiosk selling kwek-kwek and tokneneng (I’m not sure if it is Dr. Kwek-kwek) and a buko juice at a nearby stand. Lunch is solved!

On my way back to Bulacan, I decided to eat at Sizzling Plate in SM North Food Court, so I ordered Pork Steak, oh my God… I MISSed IT A LOT… It was a very long time since I last ate at Sizzling Plate, it’s our favorite food station back when I was still working at Cybersoft.

The next day, I woke up with an upset stomach, it was so bad! And I kept vomiting. Suka’t Tae ako – excuse me po sa kumakain. My god! I was food poisoned and I don’t know which food has poisoned me. I don’t want to blame kwek-kwek, but it could be it!!! Or the Pork Steak from Sizzling Plate? Or could be the Buko Juice?. Na-swertehan ko lang siguro. This won’t stop me from eating Kwek-kwek or any street foods, ang sarap kaya ng kwek-kwek with matching salmonella on the side hahahhaha. Even after losing all my energy yesterday from going back and forth to the bathroom and vomiting, even after being exhausted and weak, I would still eat kwek-kwek.

Anyway, a friend of mine suggested that I drink Pocari Sweat, so before bed yesterday I drank two bottles, it helps me get my energy back a little. I drank another two today, I feel energized, but my tummy is still feeling weird. Yakult is also helping a lot. Pocari Sweat is the best Upset Stomach Remedy.

Anyone, having an upset stomach. I suggest you drink Pocari Sweat and Yakult. Pocari Sweat will help manage your dehydration. “It contains balanced electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride) which are a critical factor in the timely absorption to the body, to help you recover from dehydration faster. Refreshing and mild tasting recommended as a beverage for sports, exercise or any physical activities and various forms of dehydration in daily activities”. Yakult,  on the other hand, is a probiotic, it improves digestion and helps builds immunity.

pocari sweat

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Movie Date with Friends

This post was a little late.

Last week, we watched a movie called “THE ACHY BREAKY HEART” which is about a woman in her mid-30s, independent, has a strong personality, have a good job and earning well enough but has been single for a long time.

The movie stars Jodi Sta Maria, she plays the protagonist Chinggay. I’m sure all of those who watched the movie can relate to Chinggay’s character and feel all her successes and disappointments. She is a loving daughter and sister who works hard to support her family, send her younger sister to college and setting aside all of her dreams just to provide for her love ones.

Having friends around doesn’t help from still feeling alone. Life would be more colorful and interesting if you have someone to share all your thoughts with. Then, one day a handsome guy named Ryan played by Ian Veneracion comes along, but in a twist of fate someone from the past also suddenly showed up. All of a sudden, Chinggay found herself in a middle of a love triangle. Will she choose Frank, the man from the past who is willing to win her back again? Or Ryan, the one she just met but gave her that kilig feelings she never felt before?

If I am Chinggay, I would choose Ryan… ang pogi kaya ni Ian GRABBBEEEEEE!!!!  Who is for #TeamTisoy???? And who is for #TeamTsinoy???

It is a feel-good movie, though there are lots of boring moments, the kilig moments covers it all. Jodi, Ian and Richard played their characters really well. The ending is unexpected. It makes you want for more. I feel that it needs a continuation, part 2 perhaps.




A glimpse on my-not-so-boring life

Nothing much is going on with life right now. Nothing dramatic and worth reading. I am actually a boring person.

My life evolves in the four corner of our house. My daily routine on weekdays starts in the morning from our bedroom to the bathroom, then downstairs to the kitchen – living room – kitchen again – then the dining room. Then.. before 10 AM, I have to prepare my son for school. The school is 5 minutes walk from our house. Well.. that’s quite a little journey 🙂

12noon is Lunch time and I have to start my home based job around 1.30PM. Working from home is really rewarding and it gives you lots of time and lots of savings. Imagine working in an office few steps away from your bedroom or just downstairs from your bed. Isn’t it awesome? You don’t need to worry about your clothes, your make-up and no more traffic haggardness! The best part is, you don’t need to deal with obnoxious officemate and feeling boss na supervisor. If you wish to work from home and enjoy all the privileges that I am enjoying, plus higher hourly rate than our local office jobs, try this website: https://www.freelancer.com

I could buy the things that I like, bags, shoes, clothes… etc. I do online shopping too. You could find all the pretty things at Zalora, and you can actually avail a 15% discount by just using the code on the photo. It is a special code given to me by Zalora, being their Fashionista shopper daw kuno. I could share it with anyone, so there…. enjoy your 15% discount. Please, only on selected items.


I’ve been living like this for 8 long years. I am happy and contented. I’ve got money. My husband loves me, I have a son, we live simple a life. I have a ‘virtual life’ and ‘virtual friends’. No one is visiting us, except my in-laws and my own family. It hit me one morning – ‘My God, I don’t have a friend, I mean real friends. Like, someone you can hang out, talk with…. I mean physically, I don’t have anyone except my immediate family. I realized that my world is too small and its not helping me. I don’t wanna grow old living in a shell. The outside world is such an interesting place and I so much wanted to experience it once more. I don’t even know my neighbours’ OMG. —  that was a year ago.

Last June of 2015, I decided to go to Gym. It was the best decision ever, I’ve got to meet new people. I found new friends who share the same interests as mine plus I was able to lose some pounds.

My life is not that boring after all.



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My Divisoria Escapade

What a long and tiring day?!

The wanderlust in me misses the streets of the busy Divisoria, and I long once again to be there. So, after going to Fairview to submit my nephew’s Form 137 request, I have decided to go to Divisoria. It is early and I have plenty of time, so I took a van to go there. I rode a van going to Quiapo since no vehicles from Fairview is going directly to Divisoria. It’s been quite a long time since I last go to Quiapo and Divisoria, and now I forgot where to get off. It’s too late before I realized that I should have stopped the van at Morayta, we already passed Unloading sign and there was I, stuck in the traffic going to Quiapo. Kaloka. I have to walk back to Isetann to get to a jeepney going to Divisoria. I think, there is another way, but that is how I know it.

To my disappointment, the jeepney drove us at the back of a mall and I don’t know where am I at the moment, couldn’t find my way to Tutuban Mall. I went inside Divisoria Mall, hoping it will lead me in the right direction, but every exit takes me far away from where I should be going. I went outside the mall and just wander around the busy streets, I am literally delightedly lost. Hahahaha. It was fun, there are lots of nice things to look around. Divisoria enchants me once again with its beautiful bling, colorful fabrics, beautiful ornaments and so many tiny little fascinating things that you can only find there. You look around and you can write a book with different stories. Enthralled with what is going on and in everything, I totally forgot why I am there and time check: 3.30pm, I have to go and look for my way out. I decided to ask a decent looking man, which way is to Tutuban Mall, and he kindly showed me – just follow the street I’m standing at and it will lead me to Tutuban. I was not able to buy anything at all, except for the Toy story characters.