The Smell of The Sea

I grew up in Baler, a small town in the Province of Aurora located in the Central Luzon, Region III of the Philippines. Proudly, my hometown is one of the top surf spots in the Philippines and over the years, it has become a tourist attraction. With its 9 feet mighty waves, the place is definitely a haven for surfers.

I remember waking up as early as 4 A.M, so I could join my Father fishing and/or watch the sun as it goes up in the morning. I remember the smell of the sea…I remember walking at the beach on barefoot, enjoying the sand between my toes, while Dad is busy catching some fish for breakfast. I remember the salt water in my mouth, the distinct aroma of the ocean air, I remember running from the waves, trying not to be caught. I remember my thick dry curly hair because of the salt water. I remember the face of my Father, every time he catches fish, he smiles from ear to ear, alive and strong and full of life. I remember how he carries me on his shoulder going back to our house. I remember everything, it made we want to go back to my childhood, life was so simple back then.  miss ko na pala si tatay!

I took photos of the beach, the last time I went home. So, I can look at it anytime. I used the photo as a background to a Beach Theme Wedding Invitation and it actually came out nice. Check it out:

Here’s the original photo. It was cloudy and about to rain when I took these photos.

I looked at these photos and it always reminded me of the smell of the sea. The lovely aroma of the sea breeze, especially in the morning.

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Melamine Plate with Floral Wreath Design

I have always seen this beautiful watercolour art around the net and one that always caught my attention are these beautiful hand-painted floral wreath in watercolour.

I’m a trying hard artist. I actually know how to draw, but I am not that ‘good’, it may be due to a lack of practice. No one ever encouraged me to pursue this secret passion of mine. It actually runs in our family, my brother is an excellent painter/artist/draftsman and he does this for a living and me,  I am just a trying hard hobbyist.

So recently, I’m into watercolour painting, I don’t have proper training. I just watched tutorials on youtube, and you know what? I realized that watercolour is the easiest medium to use, you don’t need perfect lines, you just brush it on and once dried… A MASTERPIECE!

So, I made this FLORAL WREATH IN WATERCOLOUR and posted it on my Zazzle shop, hoping someone would appreciate it and maybe somehow buy it 🙂

You can actually find more product with a Floral Wreath design here:

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Home Based Jobs

5/10/2018 – STILL NO UPDATE 🙂

I am trying to make a list of the website where you can find online job without paying fees, to help other aspiring freelancer starts their Work at Home Career 🙂

But, it’s 11.00 PM and I’m sleepy. So, here’s a quick list. I will update this post next time.

1. Upwork
2. Freelancer
3. Golance
4. Guru
5. Fiverr
6. 99designs

I’m planning to list my top 10, but don’t have enough time. I promise to update this post soon.



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How I get my Profile Live on Upwork?

In life, you win some, you lose some! In my case, I win some, I lose a lot! hahaha.

Yeah, if you follow my blog, you’ll know that I lost the job I love so dearly last year, before Christmas! It devastated me and broke me into pieces but I don’t have time to mourn and be sad and be depress, WE NEED MONEY! so… I gathered myself back, clear my head up and started looking for a new Job.

It’s okay, not to be okay! So, in your every fall, cry as hard as you can, then wipe all your tears away, take a bath, brush your teeth, wear nice and clean clothes and move on. Life isn’t perfect, so expect a bumpy journey.

I move on easily. Maybe because I don’t have time to grieve and be emotional. We need money!

So, how did I get back to being a Virtual Assistant again?

  1. I went back to my Upwork Profile and finally update it. After six years of being idle, my profile is now live on Upwork.
  2. Then, I made a list of all the skills I have learnt all through the years of working and decided that my niche would be “Email Management/Handling”.
  3. I took all the skill tests available that are relevant to my skills on Upwork.
  4. I started sending proposals. I don’t just send a proposal, I read the entire job description to understand the job well, then write the draft of my cover letter based on the job description. Then read the cover letter over and over before hitting the send button. In this industry, the first impression last, so, if you can’t follow simple instructions written on the Job Description, your application will be rejected. So, always take the time to read.
  5. Always be on time during interviews. Make yourself available or let the client know your preferred time. But, it would be best to tell them that you can make yourself available anytime at their convenience.
  6. Research about the company that you are applying for. It is always best that you know them already.
  7. Do not ask for a higher rate, if you’re a first-timer, the lowest rate you can ask is $5.00 per hour. But, this will also depend on your background and skill set. If you know that you are worth 20USD an hour, then by all means, ask for it.
  8. Before setting your rate, check first the client profile. How much they have spent? How much they are willing to pay for an employee. Then base your rate on that.

After doing all of these and making a research on how to make my Profile looking better and professional, in less than two weeks I was able to finally signed two contracts with two different clients.

But you know what, it is not as easy as you think it is. My God, Upwork gave me 60 connects to apply for a job, I almost used all of my connects and only got two clients? How about that? Do you know how many sleepless nights I have struggled only to find out that my interviewer has stood me up? No show, no message, no nothing. I lose a lot, I win a little lols! But I’m still a winner!!!!!

I may be just lucky, but no! I work hard to get back on track and not be unemployed for a long time. There are lots of jobs out there, you just have to know what you’re good at and don’t stop improving yourself.


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My two cents about PRRD

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With everything that is happening in Philippine Politics, I really don’t know now who to believe. I wanted to support our President, to give him the chance to prove himself.  I always do this every time a new President is elected. I have new hopes and I am really hoping for a great change. If only all the Filipinos have this mindset: to give the president a chance. I mean, we watched Pnoy for six years, we suffer a lot for 30 years after the Marcos regime. Can’t we sit and relax for another six years, to give the new president the chance, to at least make a difference instead of protesting to his every move? Why can we just support every good thing he does? He is not perfect, he is actually far from being perfect. But, who does?

We accept Pnoy and his shortcomings, I gave him the benefit of the doubt until his last term, even though I felt that he failed me.

I accepted Joseph Estrada, he was elected by the Filipino people and I respected the people’s decision.

We gave Gloria Macapagal a chance despite all the issues.

Why can’t we give it to President Rody Duterte? If we really want change, if we want us to progress, the first thing to do, I think, is to respect the choices of the many Filipinos and they choose PRRD. Respect and accept that. Stop going to the street, stop making the lives of the commuters miserable. Stop making issues. And to the media: please Stop twisting his words.

In fairness to our current President, he really did what he can, to chase the drug lords, drug pusher as well as the drug user. This is not an easy task. The war against drug could be bloody, we all know that.

Give the President the chance that he deserves.

My two cents about this issue 🙂


Movie with my two boys

We watched Moana.

The Little one is happy. So Mama and Dad is also happy 🙂

Such a nice movie. We enjoyed it much.


Sorry, no reviews for the movie for now. I have to finish my paper works before blogging. Work duty first 🙂 before hobby.

Maybe later.

But the movie is highly recommended. Go watch it.


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Micro Story: Elena

It’s raining so hard, you can’t see anything except whites everywhere. You can’t see the coconut trees, all whites.

A girl is standing in the middle of the coconut orchard, wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt. Barefoot. She’s soaking wet, scared and doesn’t know where to go.

Someone called her. She looked around but can’t find the owner of the voice that is calling her.

The thunderstorm just struck again and it echoed the entire orchard, you can feel how strong it was. It feels like the earth is going to open and swallow her. She’s frightened, lost and alone.

Elena…. Elena… Echoed a deep, husky voice.

She squinted a second when she opened her eyes, she saw a man standing a few meters away. The familiar figure is now pacing towards her.


He grabs her hand. “Let’s go, baby, come with me. It’s dangerous out here!”

Elena hesitated. She stiffened actually!

In a whisper, she said “Dad, but you were already dead!”

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Faded Feelings

Me – staring blankly at my computer screen, listening to a song that is playing on my Spotify.flower daisy T-Shirt

A glimpse of the past suddenly runs through my thoughts and it made me smile and then a tiny giggle. It is so funny how music brings back memories, it made you stop in a moment and savor the feelings of being in the past again, even for a second.

I closed my eyes.

Years has passed and you realized, no matter how painful the past and how strong the feeling was, the music never brings it back, only the memories…

The feelings just faded.


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tiny conversation

I just lost my job recently, a job I thought would last a lifetime, something I cared for and loved with all my heart. It breaks me into small pieces.

My son, saw me crying silently at my desk.

“Mama, what’s wrong?”

I’m sad. I said.

“No, you cannot be sad”

Why not?

“I love you Mama” and he showered me with kisses.

How lovely and sweet.

He is right, I can’t be sad. I have him.

So.. To light up my moment and get this heaviness out of my chest.

I said, “I want to go to the moon, would you like to come?”

“Mama, we cannot go to the Moon!”

Why not? I could ride a bike to fly to the moon!

Irritated now and almost a shout “Nooo…. You can’t ride a bike to the moon, it can’t fly and the moon is too far. You need a spaceship, we don’t have that. And… and… You need a space suit and you don’t have one. And you can’t leave me here and Tatay (Dad), we need to stick together.”

My son is five years old.


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Plantronics Audio 326 Headset (Black)

So, my headset just got broken (not actually really broken, but it looks old and the cover is slowly coming off and I want a new one).  I am looking for a PC headset for skype where I can set on mute so the other side won’t hear noises in my background.

I look for a headset on Lazada,  my online shopping platform. I actually bought almost all of my gadgets and electronic accessories there and so far, the products always came out as I expected.  You know what the key is, be vigilant, look for the same product listing and choose the one that has good reviews and the ones that are cheaper but of good quality. Don’t buy on impulse or just because the product looks good and shiny. Have a little research skill.

I think I have found the best headset for Skype, it has all the feature that I am looking for, plus it cost only around 895.00

Plantronics Audio 326, I think is a great buy.


It has a sleek and clean design and it fits your head perfectly. Very comfortable to use and give your crisp audio clarity. It has a superior noise-cancelling microphone enhances speech accuracy while the design ensures you keep tuned into your surroundings. You can easily adjust the volume or mute the microphone with the convenient inline controls and ensures full control over internet calls, music listening, and more.