My 4 Yr Old Son Won’t Eat.

Feeling frustrated!



I believe I have done everything I could to make my 4 yr old son eat by himself, but he won’t unless I feed him and it is frustrating. What’s annoying is that he can eat alone and by himself if he wants to.

Perhaps he doesn’t like the food, I thought. So I asked what he wants and prepared it for him. It didn’t work. Ganun pa din. He just sits there, watching the food and not touching it, unless I told him to eat. I’m losing my patience… I know I’m not allowed to lose it.

I don’t know what to do. Meal time is always a battle and I’m a sore loser all the time. Feeling frustrated and sad every time I forced him to eat. I did all the trick that I can, turning off the TV, no snack, no gadgets – but all didn’t seem to work. He simply hates to eat.

Asking google about my problem and I stumble upon this forum called Netmums, it’s nice to know that I am not alone in this battle. There’s a lot out there and they share what they think could help us surpassed this struggle. I like this thread in particular:

I have started doing the time thingy and if he didn’t finish his food on the allowed time, it will be thrown away. I feel so guilty doing this, there’s a lot of people who don’t have food and can’t even eat, and here I am throwing my son’s food and I am worried that my son would think that throwing food is just okay. So, instead of throwing, I keep the food in the fridge and let him have it if he got hungry.

I hope it works. Good luck to me.



Puff/Bobble Stitch Coin Purse

Because I’m not sure if I should call it Puff or Bobble, hence the title.
Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies and today I managed to finish a coin purse that I have started three days ago. Yes, a tiny little coin purse consumed me 3 days. It’s my first time to do a bobble stitch, so I’m a bit slow plus I only got to do it during my free time, because of course, I’ve got works and house chores to do. I’m a WAHM, by the way.

And here I present, my puff/bobble stitch coin purse:


So so so adorable!

So cute!

And the button is lovely. You can buy the button at Expressions, Walter Mart Guiguinto Branch, they have lots of cute and adorable buttons to choose from but a bit pricey than those you can buy in wholesale in Divisoria.

If you wanna learn how to the bobble stitch, you can just google it. There’s a lot of PUFF / BOBBLE STITCH TUTORIAL online.

I found two sites here:

And there’s another one here:

If you are more visual and can easily learn by watching, try youtube. Just look for Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial.

There you go. Enjoy crocheting.

Today’s Event

Bed weather. I’m wearing a purple pink hand woven headband. No, I did not make it myself, I bought it from Puregold out of boredom. Wow feeling mayaman, pag bored namimili hahahha, sa Puregold!!! buti sana kung S&R hahaha. and it’s a cheap one, so hindi naman siguro ako feelingera.

Hot chocolate on my desk.

Little mermaid movie on cable TV.

My little big boy drinking Zesto Choc-O, his favorite. While watching and playing at the same time. Kids now know how to multi-task.

And me, taking a quick break to post this.

I have to go back to work now. Ciao!

Thank you!

Time check: 11.49 in the evening, according to my son’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A that I am currently using. I just mentioned the gadget brand, just so I have something to write about, it is not to show off, it’s not iPad or iPhone, poorita kami. But, you know what? This gadget has its awesome features. I’m able to blog, I can work, check my work emails, do some documents on Ms Word, Ms Excel, I can convert doc to pdf. This tablet actually is a great buy – money wise, quality wise and design wise. Plus the pen is easy to use. If you’re into graphic designing, I recommend this tablet. The only downside is the quality of the camera, back and front are not that clear and sharp.

Oh, by the way, LO is soundly sleeping now, pagkatapos ng madaming ikot ikot sa kama and after singing all her favorite nursery songs, he finally felt exhausted and fall asleep.

Well… Before that, there’s a war that went on for like 45 minutes. It’s the Dinner Time War!

The first is always the hardest

Ano naman naiisip nyo sa title?  Nakowww…. sa mga green-minded, alam ko na. Kasi noong parang bumbilyang nagliwanag sa utak ko yung title, the first thing that comes to my mind is, katulad din nung naiisip ninyo.This is not about sex,  you pea brains! What I mean is  – palagi na lang, the first blog post never gets any easier. I’m always out of words and ideas tuwing mag sisimula ng blog and I always end up deleting everything or not posting anything. I have never ever written a decent post. My fear of being scrutinized and judged by our Pinoy grammar Nazis hinder me from even trying to write in full English. Eh bakit kaya hindi na lang kasi ako magtagalog? eh syempre, you aim to get an international audience, to get more traffic to your site. Eh ipa public ko pa ba ito, kung ako ako lang ang babasa, di ba?

Isa ko pa nga daw problema,  I don’t know who my audience would be – this makes it a little harder for me.  Nagbasa-basa rin nmn ako, syempre. Kaya lang di ko magets, English kasi hahahaha. Sabi dun sa nabasa ko, according to some blogging guru “to be able to write a perfect first blog post, know your audience” daw. But, I’m not selling anything naman, this is just a blabber with some thoughts that comes to my mind about certain issues, actually kahit ano lang. So no need for that ‘Know your audience first’. Anyone who happens to be here could be my audience and I will appreciate that you wasted a second to look around.

Thank you!