Melamine Plate with Floral Wreath Design

I have always seen this beautiful watercolour art around the net and one that always caught my attention are these beautiful hand-painted floral wreath in watercolour.

I’m a trying hard artist. I actually know how to draw, but I am not that ‘good’, it may be due to a lack of practice. No one ever encouraged me to pursue this secret passion of mine. It actually runs in our family, my brother is an excellent painter/artist/draftsman and he does this for a living and me,  I am just a trying hard hobbyist.

So recently, I’m into watercolour painting, I don’t have proper training. I just watched tutorials on youtube, and you know what? I realized that watercolour is the easiest medium to use, you don’t need perfect lines, you just brush it on and once dried… A MASTERPIECE!

So, I made this FLORAL WREATH IN WATERCOLOUR and posted it on my Zazzle shop, hoping someone would appreciate it and maybe somehow buy it 🙂

You can actually find more product with a Floral Wreath design here:

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Watercolour Monogrammed Letter N

Art is therapeutic, as you may already know. It helps you improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being. As for me, I use painting to lessen stress, to release my creativity and to express my feelings. This hobby is also a great help on my budget when I need to buy a gift for someone, I just play on with my brushes and colors and a little creativity and voila!!! I have something personalized. A labor of love and creativity is more meaningful than any other material gifts.

My favorite medium is watercolor, you can easily mix colors and you just play with your brushes to create a beautiful masterpiece.

I painted this cute watercolor monogrammed for a friend on her birthday. We call her Niña, hence the letter N. But just today, she told us her real name is Divinia and she hated it, so she uses Niña instead. I thought I should have done the Letter D. Anyway, here’s the painting:

watercolour monogram N2

It looks nice on frame:


And on t-shirt too: (click the link below to purchase this item and have it customized)

How about a TOTE BAG? It looks nice too.
 You can have it customized by clicking the link at the bottom.