Movie Date with Friends

This post was a little late.

Last week, we watched a movie called “THE ACHY BREAKY HEART” which is about a woman in her mid-30s, independent, has a strong personality, have a good job and earning well enough but has been single for a long time.

The movie stars Jodi Sta Maria, she plays the protagonist Chinggay. I’m sure all of those who watched the movie can relate to Chinggay’s character and feel all her successes and disappointments. She is a loving daughter and sister who works hard to support her family, send her younger sister to college and setting aside all of her dreams just to provide for her love ones.

Having friends around doesn’t help from still feeling alone. Life would be more colorful and interesting if you have someone to share all your thoughts with. Then, one day a handsome guy named Ryan played by Ian Veneracion comes along, but in a twist of fate someone from the past also suddenly showed up. All of a sudden, Chinggay found herself in a middle of a love triangle. Will she choose Frank, the man from the past who is willing to win her back again? Or Ryan, the one she just met but gave her that kilig feelings she never felt before?

If I am Chinggay, I would choose Ryan… ang pogi kaya ni Ian GRABBBEEEEEE!!!!  Who is for #TeamTisoy???? And who is for #TeamTsinoy???

It is a feel-good movie, though there are lots of boring moments, the kilig moments covers it all. Jodi, Ian and Richard played their characters really well. The ending is unexpected. It makes you want for more. I feel that it needs a continuation, part 2 perhaps.