My two cents about PRRD

Posting via Daily Prompt: Protest

With everything that is happening in Philippine Politics, I really don’t know now who to believe. I wanted to support our President, to give him the chance to prove himself.  I always do this every time a new President is elected. I have new hopes and I am really hoping for a great change. If only all the Filipinos have this mindset: to give the president a chance. I mean, we watched Pnoy for six years, we suffer a lot for 30 years after the Marcos regime. Can’t we sit and relax for another six years, to give the new president the chance, to at least make a difference instead of protesting to his every move? Why can we just support every good thing he does? He is not perfect, he is actually far from being perfect. But, who does?

We accept Pnoy and his shortcomings, I gave him the benefit of the doubt until his last term, even though I felt that he failed me.

I accepted Joseph Estrada, he was elected by the Filipino people and I respected the people’s decision.

We gave Gloria Macapagal a chance despite all the issues.

Why can’t we give it to President Rody Duterte? If we really want change, if we want us to progress, the first thing to do, I think, is to respect the choices of the many Filipinos and they choose PRRD. Respect and accept that. Stop going to the street, stop making the lives of the commuters miserable. Stop making issues. And to the media: please Stop twisting his words.

In fairness to our current President, he really did what he can, to chase the drug lords, drug pusher as well as the drug user. This is not an easy task. The war against drug could be bloody, we all know that.

Give the President the chance that he deserves.

My two cents about this issue 🙂