Movie with my two boys

We watched Moana.

The Little one is happy. So Mama and Dad is also happy 🙂

Such a nice movie. We enjoyed it much.


Sorry, no reviews for the movie for now. I have to finish my paper works before blogging. Work duty first 🙂 before hobby.

Maybe later.

But the movie is highly recommended. Go watch it.


Posting via Photo Challenge: Relax




Look at this beautiful crocheted tissue box cover, pretty isn’t it?

Your BFF’s birthday is nearly coming and you need to get something for her, but you run out of ideas. She has everything – nice clothes, fancy bags, glittery shoes, makeup, lipstick… anything a woman could wish for. She has lots of money than you do and it’s embarrassing to give her a cheap birthday gift, though you know she won’t mind it at all. But still, you want to give her a gift, something inexpensive, but full of love and sincerity and of course of quality. Yeah, then just give her a tight Big Hug, lols. Just kidding.

If you’re into craft and love to crochet. CROCHET TISSUE BOX COVER is a nice gift.


There are lots of tutorial on youtube, or you could google it.

Try this video: