Today’s one-word prompt is PUNGENT, and it made me remember. Not the pungent odor, but a very aromatic moment.

3 years ago when I first set foot inside our house, I remember the pungent odor of burning onions and garlic and then the aroma of a very spicy food. I remember the smell so vividly that it water’s my mouth while writing this. It came from the apartment next to our door, where an Indian couple with two grown up kids is living. And up until now, every once in a while I smell this very familiar aroma, a mixture of curry powder and coconut milk – I know, she’s cooking it again. And I’d be here tapping on my keyboard, wondering if the taste of the food is as good as how it smells.

My Indian neighbor does not only have a delicious cuisine, they also have this colorful clothing. Every Sunday, I see them wearing their beautiful Sari. I love watching them as they walked graciously, bursting with colors and beautiful accessories.

They fascinated me.

via Daily Prompt: Pungent


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