55th Birthday Invitation Card

Just when I thought I got zero sales this month on my Zazzle Store shop, it surprises me with the last day sale. One of my best selling men’s birthday invitation template was just sold 25 copies to a buyer from Kerrville, TX. Awesome, God is really Good. It is not much, but no matter how small the royalty is, it is still a blessing.

I designed this invitation card thinking and honoring the memory of my Father who passes away years ago. We were not able to give him a decent birthday celebration when he was still alive,  we never actually celebrated his birthday, not once and it pained me big time. I can’t get over this guilt until this moment. I just hope that wherever he is, he is happy and understand that we were all struggling financially back then. Enough with this blah, because I am getting emotional again.

Curious about the design? Here’s the Invitation Card:

You can have it customized and replace with your own photo, just click the link and hit the customize it button.

You can change the wordings with your own wording as well.

If you need help customizing it, drop me a line at realgrapiks[@]gmail[dot]tcom


Mum E.


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