My Divisoria Escapade

What a long and tiring day?!

The wanderlust in me misses the streets of the busy Divisoria, and I long once again to be there. So, after going to Fairview to submit my nephew’s Form 137 request, I have decided to go to Divisoria. It is early and I have plenty of time, so I took a van to go there. I rode a van going to Quiapo since no vehicles from Fairview is going directly to Divisoria. It’s been quite a long time since I last go to Quiapo and Divisoria, and now I forgot where to get off. It’s too late before I realized that I should have stopped the van at Morayta, we already passed Unloading sign and there was I, stuck in the traffic going to Quiapo. Kaloka. I have to walk back to Isetann to get to a jeepney going to Divisoria. I think, there is another way, but that is how I know it.

To my disappointment, the jeepney drove us at the back of a mall and I don’t know where am I at the moment, couldn’t find my way to Tutuban Mall. I went inside Divisoria Mall, hoping it will lead me in the right direction, but every exit takes me far away from where I should be going. I went outside the mall and just wander around the busy streets, I am literally delightedly lost. Hahahaha. It was fun, there are lots of nice things to look around. Divisoria enchants me once again with its beautiful bling, colorful fabrics, beautiful ornaments and so many tiny little fascinating things that you can only find there. You look around and you can write a book with different stories. Enthralled with what is going on and in everything, I totally forgot why I am there and time check: 3.30pm, I have to go and look for my way out. I decided to ask a decent looking man, which way is to Tutuban Mall, and he kindly showed me – just follow the street I’m standing at and it will lead me to Tutuban. I was not able to buy anything at all, except for the Toy story characters.


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