My 4 Yr Old Son Won’t Eat.

Feeling frustrated!



I believe I have done everything I could to make my 4 yr old son eat by himself, but he won’t unless I feed him and it is frustrating. What’s annoying is that he can eat alone and by himself if he wants to.

Perhaps he doesn’t like the food, I thought. So I asked what he wants and prepared it for him. It didn’t work. Ganun pa din. He just sits there, watching the food and not touching it, unless I told him to eat. I’m losing my patience… I know I’m not allowed to lose it.

I don’t know what to do. Meal time is always a battle and I’m a sore loser all the time. Feeling frustrated and sad every time I forced him to eat. I did all the trick that I can, turning off the TV, no snack, no gadgets – but all didn’t seem to work. He simply hates to eat.

Asking google about my problem and I stumble upon this forum called Netmums, it’s nice to know that I am not alone in this battle. There’s a lot out there and they share what they think could help us surpassed this struggle. I like this thread in particular:

I have started doing the time thingy and if he didn’t finish his food on the allowed time, it will be thrown away. I feel so guilty doing this, there’s a lot of people who don’t have food and can’t even eat, and here I am throwing my son’s food and I am worried that my son would think that throwing food is just okay. So, instead of throwing, I keep the food in the fridge and let him have it if he got hungry.

I hope it works. Good luck to me.



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