Puff/Bobble Stitch Coin Purse

Because I’m not sure if I should call it Puff or Bobble, hence the title.
Crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies and today I managed to finish a coin purse that I have started three days ago. Yes, a tiny little coin purse consumed me 3 days. It’s my first time to do a bobble stitch, so I’m a bit slow plus I only got to do it during my free time, because of course, I’ve got works and house chores to do. I’m a WAHM, by the way.

And here I present, my puff/bobble stitch coin purse:


So so so adorable!

So cute!

And the button is lovely. You can buy the button at Expressions, Walter Mart Guiguinto Branch, they have lots of cute and adorable buttons to choose from but a bit pricey than those you can buy in wholesale in Divisoria.

If you wanna learn how to the bobble stitch, you can just google it. There’s a lot of PUFF / BOBBLE STITCH TUTORIAL online.

I found two sites here:


And there’s another one here:


If you are more visual and can easily learn by watching, try youtube. Just look for Bobble Stitch Crochet Tutorial.

There you go. Enjoy crocheting.


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