Today’s Event

Bed weather. I’m wearing a purple pink hand woven headband. No, I did not make it myself, I bought it from Puregold out of boredom. Wow feeling mayaman, pag bored namimili hahahha, sa Puregold!!! buti sana kung S&R hahaha. and it’s a cheap one, so hindi naman siguro ako feelingera.

Hot chocolate on my desk.

Little mermaid movie on cable TV.

My little big boy drinking Zesto Choc-O, his favorite. While watching and playing at the same time. Kids now know how to multi-task.

And me, taking a quick break to post this.

I have to go back to work now. Ciao!

Thank you!

Time check: 11.49 in the evening, according to my son’s Samsung Galaxy Tab A that I am currently using. I just mentioned the gadget brand, just so I have something to write about, it is not to show off, it’s not iPad or iPhone, poorita kami. But, you know what? This gadget has its awesome features. I’m able to blog, I can work, check my work emails, do some documents on Ms Word, Ms Excel, I can convert doc to pdf. This tablet actually is a great buy – money wise, quality wise and design wise. Plus the pen is easy to use. If you’re into graphic designing, I recommend this tablet. The only downside is the quality of the camera, back and front are not that clear and sharp.

Oh, by the way, LO is soundly sleeping now, pagkatapos ng madaming ikot ikot sa kama and after singing all her favorite nursery songs, he finally felt exhausted and fall asleep.

Well… Before that, there’s a war that went on for like 45 minutes. It’s the Dinner Time War!


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