The first is always the hardest

Ano naman naiisip nyo sa title?  Nakowww…. sa mga green-minded, alam ko na. Kasi noong parang bumbilyang nagliwanag sa utak ko yung title, the first thing that comes to my mind is, katulad din nung naiisip ninyo.This is not about sex,  you pea brains! What I mean is  – palagi na lang, the first blog post never gets any easier. I’m always out of words and ideas tuwing mag sisimula ng blog and I always end up deleting everything or not posting anything. I have never ever written a decent post. My fear of being scrutinized and judged by our Pinoy grammar Nazis hinder me from even trying to write in full English. Eh bakit kaya hindi na lang kasi ako magtagalog? eh syempre, you aim to get an international audience, to get more traffic to your site. Eh ipa public ko pa ba ito, kung ako ako lang ang babasa, di ba?

Isa ko pa nga daw problema,  I don’t know who my audience would be – this makes it a little harder for me.  Nagbasa-basa rin nmn ako, syempre. Kaya lang di ko magets, English kasi hahahaha. Sabi dun sa nabasa ko, according to some blogging guru “to be able to write a perfect first blog post, know your audience” daw. But, I’m not selling anything naman, this is just a blabber with some thoughts that comes to my mind about certain issues, actually kahit ano lang. So no need for that ‘Know your audience first’. Anyone who happens to be here could be my audience and I will appreciate that you wasted a second to look around.

Thank you!


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